Alseye M90 Max Series RGB CPU Air Cooler - Free Delivery

The traditional twin tower cooler with systematical towers, can not effectively take use of fin surface areas to maximize the thermal performance. While, M90 intentionally reduces the tower of air out-take size and enlarge that of air in-take, the thermal surface & performance can be greatly optimized.
• ARGB Top Cover
• Four Heatpipes Direct Touch
• Black Spray Finish
• Support Multiple Platforms
Product Code: M90 Max Series
Brand: Alseye
Warranty: 1 Year Local
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Rs. 6,000

M90 CPU Cooler Specification

• Product Dimensions: 112*92*135mm

• Fan Dimensions: 92*92*25mm

• Heat Pipe: 6mm*4pcs

• Fan Rated Voltage: DC 12V

• Fan Speed: 800~2400R.P.M.

• Fan Air Flow: 40.5CFM

• Fan Air Pressure: 2.51mm/H2O

• Fan Noise: 28dB(A)

Hidden fan design

The 92mm PWM fan is placed in the center of the double tower inside the CPU radiator to ensure good heat dissipation performance, while greatly reducing the volume of the double tower radiator without affecting the installation space of other hardware on the motherboard.

Double tower design CPU cooler

The double-tower cooling fin design increases the cooling area of the fins and improves the cooling efficiency of the CPU radiator. Dual-tower radiator provides powerful cooling performance. Small size, but huge power. The TDP of M90 CPU cooler is up to 200W.

Unique design of fins

The fins of the twin towers are specially designed. The surface area of the cooling fins of the air outlet of the tower is larger than that of the air inlet, so that the fan can take away the heat from the fins to a greater extent, and the heat dissipation performance is better.

ARGB adjustable light effect

The top cover of the CPU radiator is embedded with 2 ARGB light bars for decoration, and the dazzling dimmable light effect adds to the beauty of the entire chassis.

Appearance design inspiration from ripples

The exterior design of the M90 comes from the ripples of the lake at night. The entire radiator is sprayed black, and the top cover is made of ABS material to form a ripple pattern similar to that formed in the lake.

Symmetrical heat pipe layout

The CPU radiator is symmetrically distributed with 4 copper heat pipes, and the polished flat base greatly increases the contact area with the CPU and optimizes the thermal conductivity.

Suitable for dual CPU compatible motherboards

The size of M90 is ideal for motherboards with dual CPUs. For example, it supports X99 motherboard.

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