BenQ Zowie Camade II Mouse Bungee for Esports

The ZOWIE CAMADE II gaming mouse bungee has a unique adjustable spring arm design enabling users to choose between two comfortable heights for increased mouse cable slack. Designed to professional build quality standards.
• Prevents cable snag and entanglement
• Flexible rubber clips accommodate rubber
• Durable metal spring arm retractable
• Two adjustable heights
Product Code: CAMADE II
Brand: BenQ
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Rs. 6,000

ZOWIE CAMADE II Mouse Bungee For Esports

• Prevents cable snag and entanglement while moving the mouse for an enhanced drag-free gaming experience.

• Flexible rubber clips accommodate rubber, paracorded, and braided cables while keeping a tight grip.

• Durable metal spring arm retracts for easy travel to LANs and competitions.

• Two adjustable heights allow increased cable slack, keeping mouse movement comfortable.

• Heavier weighted base and anti-slip rubber feet help keep the CAMADE II stable during fast and forceful mouse movements.

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