About Us

Junaid Tech is committed to delivering the best quality products our customers, with our focus on quality and ease of purchase. We have been a part of the Facebook Gamers Community for more than an year. We have also been awarded with PPG Verified Seller and are trusted and well-known in the Facebook community.

We respect your demands and concern towards the products, that is why our excellent, courteous customer support service staff will be at your service till you want.

Our approach is designed to include a solid work ethic with a relaxed environment for our customers. We always have a room open for your valuable suggestions and pieces of advice to meet your expectations further and excel with your products.

We are incredibly dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers, and are committed to providing an innovative and effective service. We do things differently.

Junaid Tech is a dropshipping business based in Naval Anchorage Islamabad with no shop or outlet. Pick-up can be arranged if required.