Akko Dracula Castle 5075B Plus V2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switches

A gasket mount keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that uses a gasket material, such as silicone or neoprene, to create a “floating” mount for the switches. The gasket is placed between the plate and the PCB, which allows for a more flexible and cushioned typing experience.
  • 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth / Type-C
  • Hot-Swappable Switches
  • PBT Double Shot ASA Keycaps
  • Gasket Mount Structure
Connectivity Type: Wireless
Product Code: Dracula Castle 5075B Plus V2
Brand: Akko
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Akko Dracula Castle 5075B Plus

• Akko Beken Plus multi-modes solution (2.4G/Bluetooth/Type-C)

• Gasket mount structure

• PBT double shot ASA profile keycaps

• Battery capacity: 3000mah

• SMD LED RGB backlit

• IXPE switch pad

• Silicone plate foam

• Polycarbonate plate

• Silicone moulded case (for filling up) + separate case foam

• 5-pin gaming hot-swappable socket

• Extra novelty keys

• Software: Akko Cloud

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