Epomaker x Aula F75 ARGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Light Blue (Reaper Switches)

The F75 redefines space efficiency with its 75% compact layout. This design integrates all the essential keys in a smaller footprint, making it perfect for streamlined desks and mobile setups without sacrificing functionality.
  • Optimized 75% Compact Layout
  • Linear Hot-Swappable Switch
  • 16.8 Million Color RGB
  • Tri-Mode Connectivity
Connectivity Type: Wireless
Product Code: F75
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Gasket Structure + Five-Layer Padding + Plastic Shell

The F75 boasts a five-layer sound and shock-absorbing internal design, including two layers of Poron foam, an IXPE switch pad, a PET sound enhancement pad, and a bottom silicone pad. This sophisticated construction reduces typing noise and resonance, delivering a tranquil and focused typing environment.

2-in-1 Multi-function Control Knob

Equipped with a function knob to switch between Gaming Mode and Office Mode. In gaming mode, you can rotate the knob to adjust the brightness of the lights and click the knob to easily switch the lighting effects; in office mode, rotate the knob to adjust the volume and click the knob to play or pause.

(Tips: Knob can't wake PC from sleep.)

5 Keyboard Indicator Lights

Charging Indicator + Connection Mode + Operating System + Caps Lock + WIN Lock

Pressing and holding "FN" can check the connection mode and operating system of the keyboard

Charging Indicator: "FN+L_shfit" can switch the charging indicator light effect until it is turned off

Connection Mode: ~`=2.4g wireless mode, 1/2/3=BT1/BT2/BT3 mode OS: Q=Android, W=Windows, E=MAC, Switching through FN+Q/W/E

Note: If the WIN key or Alt key stops working properly, use FN+Q/W/E/R to switch to the correct OS mode.

Vibrant 16.8M RGB Illumination

Engage in the dynamic glow of the F75's RGB backlight, presenting a rich spectrum of 16.8 million colors for a personalized typing environment. Tailor lighting patterns to suit your preferences, creating a desktop atmosphere that adapts to your mood.

Connectivity Hub

Easy to connect and switch modes. Comes with a type C keyboard cable, fast transmission speed, and durability.

Ergonomic Design

The two-step kickstand allows users to adjust the keyboard height to the desired angle.

Check Battery Level

In wireless mode, press "FN+B" at the same time to check the battery level.

Packing List

Keyboard * 1

English Manual * 1

Keyboard Cable * 1

Mechanical Switch * 2

Keycap Puller * 1

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