SteelSeries Prime+ Esports Performance Gaming Mouse

While every other switch on the planet inevitably gets slow and spongy over time, Prime’s Prestige Optical Magnetic™ switch stays day-one fresh for 100 million clicks.
  • Prestige OM Switches
  • TrueMove Pro+ Sensor
  • On-board OLED Screen
  • 71g Lightweight
Connectivity Type: Wired
Product Code: 62490
Brand: SteelSeries
Warranty: 10 - Months Local
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Rs. 12,499


Winning is Everything

Every aspect of Prime+ was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: Victory. Co-developed with over 100 top esports pros, Prime+ is the pinnacle of competitive gaming mice. Its revolutionary switches, pro-grade sensor, and battle-tested shape put it in a class of its own.

Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Switch

The unique design of the Prestige OM Switch leverages neodymium magnets to deliver the most consistent crispy clicks – rated for 100M clicks, up to 5x longer than competition. Paired with an input beam of infrared light, each click registers at quantum speeds.

TrueMove Pro+ Optical Gaming Sensor

True 1-to-1 tracking, 18,000 CPI, 450 IPS, 50G acceleration, and tilt tracking to eliminate unwanted tracking during angled drops, tilt slams, and quick flicks, plus a customizable secondary lift-off sensor.

Full On-Board Customization

Direct software-free customization of all polling rates, RGB, lift-off distance, and CPI settings.

Battle-tested Form Factor

Lightweight 71g design developed with esports pros for sustained comfort and durability.

Textured Matte Finish

New and easy-to-clean dependable non-slip grip for the highest levels of play in spite of moisture.

Super Mesh Micro-USB Cable

All-new soft microfiber mesh cable provides less drag and a lighter feel for small and large sweeps.

Used By Champions

Top esports pros rely on Prime to win in the most intense tournament competitions.

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