Veikk Creator A30 Graphic Pen Tablet

Enjoy the ultimate Touch experience with 4 Touch keys and 1 Touchpad, 8192 levels pressure sensitive, battery-free stylus, 290 PPS reporting rate.
  • Working Area: 10x6 inch
  • Reversible USB-C Port
  • 4 Touch Keys
  • 8192 Pressure Levels
Product Code: A30
Brand: Veikk
Warranty: 10 - Months Replacement
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 22,999

NOT a standalone product!!!

VEIKK A30 drawing tablet must be connected to a laptop/computer or Andriod Mobile Phone to work. It is compatible with Windows OS(10/8/7(32/64bit) or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later,Linux OS.

Slim design and Large drawing area

The thickness of A30 drawing tablet is only 9 mm and the weight is only 570g,so you can take it anywhere like classroom,coffee bar or business trip etc.

The A30 graphics drawing tablet has 10 x 6 inch ultra large active area which provides more space for art creation.

Batterry-free Stylus

VEIKK P01 battery-free pen allows you constantly uninterrupted drawing, no battery, and no need to charge.

8192 professional levels pressure sensitivity provides exquisite strokes and makes the lines smoother and natural

Connect to MacOS, WindowsOS,LinuxOS PC,Android 6.0

VEIKK A30 digital drawing tablet can not only be connected with computer, but also with your mobile phone. It is compatible with Android 6.0 or later(Except Samsung), Mac 10.12 or above,Win10/8/7 and Linux OS.

A30 art tablet is also compatible with major software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sai, Corel painter, Comic studio, MediBang Paint, Paintstorm Studio, Clip Studio, Krita etc.

Start perfect hand touch experience with A30 computer graphics tablets!

By default, A30 touch keys functions are settled for Photoshop. But all touch keys can be customized in different drawing software according to your drawing habit.

Gesture pad is designed for zoom in/out the canvas and brush. You can just use them with your hand.

The function of Gesture Pad by default:

Slide up: canvas zoom in / Slide down: canvas zoom out

Slide right: brush zoom in / Slide left: brush zoom out

Touch keys functions by default:

K1: Space / K2: i / K3: F5/ K4: CTRL+Z

Drawing/Sketching/3D Sculpting

VEIKK A30 graphic design tablet need to be connected with a computer or an Android device for drawing or design.

Instead of traditional pen and paper, A30 animation tablet provides perfect art creation experience.

Photo/Video Editing

A30 pen tablet works as a mouse replacement, make your Photo/Video Editing process easier and more natural than a traditional computer mouse, speed up your workflow!

Business Signature

VEIKK A30 graphics tablet can be used for digital business signature in Word, Excel, PDF etc.

It can be used in banks, hotels, government and offices for signing.

Online Learning & Web Conference

VEIKK A30 pen tablet is not only for digital drawing , animation, sekeching, 3D art work , etc, but also a good partner for doing white board exercises for training classes, e-learning and web conference.

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